a tip of the hat to you and yours,
and thank you for downloading "webster."

is a windows95/macintosh truetype and postscript type 1 font
handcrafted in the emerald city, seattle, washington,
by steven j. lundeen,
emerald city fontwerks,
copyright 1997.


inspired by the last of a breed,
a dusty old ibm-compatible, 286 computer,
still booting up somewhere in the outskirts
of fountain hills, arizona.


please note,
"webster" has been made available as freeware.

the author places no conditions or restrictions on the use of this font.

permission is granted to freely distribute and/or post this font,
providing that all files in the original archive are attached,
including this one.

should you find this font useful,
feel free to drop an email to


so that we can be sure to pass along your thanks to hjalmar,
who sits patiently,
still waiting for his computer to boot.


you should know that
much of the work at emerald city fontwerks depends on you,
the user.

remember to register shareware fonts where appropriate,
and continue to support the art of fontography.


you can contact the font designer via the following address:




all comments, critiques, raves, rages,
flames and offers of seattle mariner tickets invited.